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The Primata (Primates: Prosimians, Monkeys, and Apes)
Primate EvolutionPrimate Fact Sheets Primate Fact Sheet Links Primate Conservation Primate Taxonomy Primatological Definitions The Primate Store & MANRRS-CALS Primate EvolutionPrimate Evolution contains information on the theories of primate evolution, how platyrrhines (New World monkeys) arrived on South America, tree-shrews as primates, a taxonomy of extinct primates (including Plesiadapiformes), and a listing of links on the internet about primate evolution. The Primate Store Here you can buy
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    • hapalemur
    • sportive
    • allocebus
    • rhinopithecus
    • otolemur
    • potto
    • laccopithecus
    • leontopithecus
    • australopithecus
    • bushbaby
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    • leaf-monkey

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