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  • I bought a ring from this site about a month a go, it was a special order and i needed it right a way. I was my sisters birthday. I call the 1-800 number and spoke to a sales representative named Dominic. Who was amazing if I may add.This company had the best customer service ever. Dominic took his time and made sure that every aspect of my order what up to par. He also let me be involved in making choices about the setting and mounts of the ring. If he didn't think it would look right he let me know. I took his advice and never regretted. It took him a little to find the perfect set up for me but when he did i was flabbergasted i absolutely loved it and so did my little sister. as i said i need it asap so he got it to me by the next day and i live in Texas. This site is amazing and i would recommend it to anyone and everyone

    by jana_smith | 23-06-2009

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Cubic Zirconia Jewelry, Cubic Zirconia Rings, CZ Jewelry, CZ Engagement Ring 14k Gold
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M-F 10-5 E.S.T Sitemap CELEBRATING 35 YEARS IN BUSINESS AND OUR 10TH YEAR ON THE INTERNET! 10% OFF ALL JEWELRY CODE: ILUVE14K Best Prices for Cubic Zirconia! Solid 14 Karat Gold Heavy Settings Lifetime Warranty on all Stones Testimonials Recommend This Site Reasons to Shop Here Add Page to Favorites Wholesale Welcome Cant find what your looking for? Need an item customized? Contact us! Fine CZ Jewelry with high Quality Cubic Zirconia in Solid 14K Gold. For over 30 years Jewelers Studio family bu
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