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jbpolymers.com | Engineering Thermoplastics & Plastic Resins For...
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title www.jbpolymers.com
Engineering Thermoplastics & Plastic Resins For Use in the Thermoplastic Industry
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Join Our Mailing List. Email Address: Click here to unsubscribe. J.B. Polymers, Inc.15517 Greenway RoadCleveland, Ohio 44111Voice: 216.941.7041Fax: 216.941.93911.800.461.3101 There is a need for a thermoplastic service oriented supplier and compounder, providing superior technical expertise with the ability to be the most competitive possible. ... That is J.B. Polymers. If your application requires a specific material, most generally J.B. Polymers can supply that exact grade or a certified, dire
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