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  • is a cool RateMyProfessors-like website that lets college students find out how hard their college's classes really are based on the grades that past students received in those classes. It has actually proved very useful for me when picking classes-- all you have to do is type in the course and college name and BAM instant statistics about that course. Some of the cooler stats given are: average grade received, average time invested, and how many students would recommend this course to others. You can view student comments about courses, and even view course difficulty based on the teacher of a course. There are even graphs of things like time invested vs grade received and percentages of students who received an A,B,ect. With this information I was able to make sure I didn’t overload myself with hard classes last semester. And the fact that you can also compare your own grades to those your classmates received is a nice bonus. It made me feel better about that B- in calculus to know I was still above the class average… Overall, although the design could be better, is user-friendly, useful, and best of all completely free. I recommend every college student at least check it out to see what they’re missing.

    by jodoglevy | 05-10-2009 website contents

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Welcome to GradeABase.comYour source for difficulty ratings of college coursesand for comparing your college grades to those of your classmates.Course Name: ExampleCollege Name: View recent additions to GradeABase.comCopyright 2009 All rights reserved.
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