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  • IPHONEWORLDWIDE is a scam website. There is no telephone number and there is no 'Live Chat', there are no other contact details on the site and you'll never get a reply from the email addresses. They claim to be able to unlock any phone and version, however, they are unable to unlock many new phones including iOS4 on the iPhone and they wont refund the money. IPHONEWORLDWIDE is just one of many portfolio of sites operating under different names. Other ones include TELEMINA and liberartuiphone (both are dot com extensions). These sites are owned by ANDREW WILLIAMSON and linked to PAT POCOCK and you can find out more about him and contact information on SiteJabber (dot com) - just search for 'iphoneworldwide' on that site - you're not alone as many people have been scammed. There are email addresses and contact numbers - you can even find out his Facebook account name. """""DONT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT""""

    by timthomas1975 | 05-09-2010

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iPhone Worldwide: iPhone Unlock 2G, 3G, 3Gs & 4 - Easy, quick iPhone Guaranteed Software Unlock
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iPhone Unlock 2G, 3G, 3Gs - Easy, quick iPhone Guaranteed Software Unlock Our Service News 1g 2g iPhones 3g iPhone 3gs iPhone iPhone 4 iOS 4 Questions and Answers Current iPhone Unlock Status Members Powered By: Crafty Syntax Unlock Your iPhone iPhone Unlocking Facts and Benefits Unlocked iPhone International Use iPhone Worldwide Members Extras Look No Further IPhoneWorldwide is committed to bringing you the simplest and easiest unlock solutions. We have been unlocking iPhones since 2007 and wit
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