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unicornstrings.com | Bowed Psaltery, Dulcimers and Folk Music, Unico...
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title www.unicornstrings.com
Bowed Psaltery, Dulcimers and Folk Music, Unicorn Strings
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Unicorn Strings Music Company Making the world's best sounding, best built bowed psalteries since 1980 The Company What Is A Psaltery? How Is It Played? FAQs 2009 Calendar Related Sites Our Internet Store Mail Order Order Form Dealers Samples INDEX Video: Are They Easy To Learn? E-MAIL Now offering a broader line of accessories and new, high quality musical instruments for the folk music lover, Unicorn Strings consistently delivers more value for your money than any other folk instrument maker!
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    • bowed psalteries
    • celtic harps
    • folk instruments
    • bowed instruments
    • irish drums
    • children's music
    • stringed instruments
    • fretted dulcimers
    • folk music
    • appalachian dulcimers
    • celtic music
    • mountain dulcimers
    • folk harps
    • hammered dulcimers
    • bodhrans

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