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  • Looks great would love to visit Kokkari Samos!!!

    by i95sg | 08-01-2011

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Poseidon Hotel Kokkari Samos Greece
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Saturday, 27 August 2011 Home Jobs Sitemap Contact POSEIDON Hotel RestaurantKokkari Samos Island 83100 Greece Tel:+306974115176 Home Price list Eco-Friendly Special Offers Accommodation Hotel Rooms Studio Rooms Apartments Restaurants Poseidon Traditional Greek Piccolo Porto Italian Kokkari Map of Kokkari Kokkari Beaches Information Events in Kokkari Rentals Traditional Recipes Contact .   . Poseidon Hotel Kokkari Samos Greece Poseidon Hotel Restaurant With a spectacular view overlooking the bay
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With a spectacular view overlooking the bay of Kokkari, Hotel Poseidon Kokkari Samos is in the center of the village, 2 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes away form the main city of Samos town. From our hotel you can stroll the little streets of Kokkari to the village's traditional little shops. Among hotels in Kokkari, we are the only environmental hotel and restaurant in the village offering, individual climate controls, broadband WI/FI Internet, safe, Satellite TV and comfortable beds.

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